Kage ga Usui – c4 First Job

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“Where are you going today?”

In the morning, while I was getting dressed, a black cat named Laila whispered behind me.

Apparently, she got used to the cat’s body and seemed to be able to speak.

“Work. ….Normal, ya,” replied Roland.

“That’s wonderful.”

When I started working yesterday, most of the staff were wearing glasses, so I put on the date glasses that I bought on my way home.

All right, this has raised my “normal” degree again.

“But, well, it’s something that I’ve come to like while working well with a low salary.” (Roland)

Laila pulls out a piece of paper with her paw.

The working conditions of the guild staff was written there.

The monthly salary is 150,000 Rin.

If saying–when it isn’t extravagant, it’s “ordinary life”, it may not be left in hand, but you can live.

“If you were to kill, you would have a few months pay.”

“Laila, that’s not normal work.”

“Keep it quiet.”

“With this figure it is not possible to rampage even if I’m violent. If you could at least make it your original appearance……”

“Even if they don’t know that you’re the Demon King, it’s not normal for a demon woman to be in a place like this.”

“It seems the talk has again derailed to about being ‘normal’.”.”

Well then, I closed the door behind me and left the inn.

When I walked to the Adventurer’s Guild for about 10 minutes, my eyes met with the receptionist who cheered me on yesterday.

“Oh, Mr. Roland? I have heard from the branch chief. Nice to meet you.”

Apparently, she is an educator who will teach me how to work.

“I’m Milia McGuffin. I can tell that you are very abnormal.” 

(T/N: No offense her name sounds like a southern redneck agree on editor?)

(E/N: Yes, McGoofy hehe)

“What? I think it was a normal interview.”

“No, no need for modesty. It’s just that no one has ever been hired directly by the branch chief.”

Is that so?

Milia and the others seem to have been recruited back when the head of the branch was not Iris.

“I’m interested in what kind of person the branch chief hired on the spot.”

“No, no, I just did a normal interview.”

“I was at the bottom, but Mr. Roland is nowhere, so I finally became a senior. So, if you have trouble, please rely fully on me!”

“Okay, senpai.”

I was guided to the office by Milia who acted like a senior. The office wasn’t too big, but it wasn’t small either.

There were receptionists who dealt with adventurers inside the counter and staff members who were staring at documents behind them, and there were various kinds of checks for items brought in a separate room.

This is “normal work”.

You can make money without killing people…

What a strange world.

I had little knowledge about adventurers, so Milia politely explained to me what an adventurer was…

An “adventurer” is a term used for people who possess an adventurer registration. They fulfill requests, or quests, to obtain rare materials in dungeons and search for treasures in exchange for money.

“So in short, adventurers are amateur handymen who do whatever they’re asked to do?”

Milia quickly brought her index finger to the front of her lips.

“Don’t say that, Mr. Roland!”

It is the Adventurer’s Guild that mediates between the adventurer’s son of such a shop and the clients.

After the clients submit a request, the difficulty level of the quest is decided and is circulated to each adventurer.

“Look, just now a quest has been finished and the materials have been brought in. That’s a quest to collect detoxification herbs, isn’t it?”

An adventurer handed a cloth bag over to the receptionist.

If there’s nothing wrong with the item, you’ll get a reward.

“I need your help,” said the receptionist while giving the bag to another man.

When I followed the man to another room, they began examining the inside of the bag.

It seemed to be the inspection of the material, and when I observed it by the side, the man of the inspection director noticed me and raised his face.

“Milia, who is that?” asked Morley.

“This is Mr. Roland who became a new staff member just today. Mr. Roland, this is Mr. Morley.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Roalnd.

“Do you have any experience?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Even if you don’t have any experience, you thought I’d be able to find a lot of work to do here.”

Milia, who was shaken by the story, returned a stiff smile.

“Well, that’s another thing… I’m also…” said Roland.

“Don’t pull the leg of a former C rank adventurer, newcomer.” interrupted Morley.


I answered vaguely.

Milia knew that I didn’t know much about adventurers and whispered to me.

“C rank adventurer, I’m great a master adventurer not only knows about a hundred percent overall.”

“I see.”

Are they asking to be just a little good, amateur, handy person?

Milia brought a quest slip for 『Detoxification』.

It is said that the rank is established according to the degree of difficulty SF.


『Detoxified Grass Extraction』

Collect Thirty-one of the medicinal herb 『Emogisou Leaves』 a Herb that is used for Detoxification.

Reward: 5000 Ring

Morley is checking the herbs that have been brought in.

“All right, thirty.”

I stood up and closed the mouth of the cloth bag. 

“Milia-san, it was mixed with leaves that are different from the Emogisou, is it okay?”

“Eh? Different leaves?? I was watching it, but that kind of thing…” 

“Oi, what’s with your attitude,” said Morley..

Morley raised His voice and glared at me.

“There were leaves that were not eligible for the quest. That’s it.”

“Ha? Are you going to be stingy about my work?”

“No, it’s a fact, not a sting.”

“I used to do Adventuring work, and ever since I started working here, I have done countless quest examinations”

Milia, who was in a hurry, whispered to me.

“Mister Roland, if you don’t know, you shouldn’t talk too much.”

“It’s okay. I’ll check it again. I’ve been collecting these leaves many times since I was an adventurer, and now I’m qualified as a 『Plant Master』.”

At the same time, Milia told me.

『Plant Master』 is a personal qualification  created by a chain of Adventurer’s Guilds. People usually call it a ‘The Adventurers’ Association’ ”

In short, it seems to be a qualification that is well versed in vegetation knowledge.

“……Oi, if you’re going to apologize, do it now.”

Morley slammed and turned over the cloth bag and sprinkled leaves on the table. 

No matter where you look, it’s Emogisou.

“You didn’t look at the back of the leaves properly, did you?”


From the reaction, it seems that he did not know that there are similar leaves.

I pick up a few pieces and show them the backside.

“There are leaves with small black spots, and those that do not. If you only look at the surface, it is just like that, but the one with spots is a weed called Seri. There’s no detox effect.”

“Is that so? It was the first time I knew. Well, then… one, two… fifteen! There’s only half of it!”

When Milia examined the leaves, Morley looked dejected.

If you have professional self-awareness and pride, you will not be impressed with the appropriate work.

In my opinion, if you treat something important sloppily, it means death.

“Guh…Kuuu…You’re a rookie!”

“Does it matter now whether you’re a rookie or not?”

Morley reaches for me.

When you touch me with such hostility…

Even the Demon King couldn’t touch a single hair.

When I dodged it, he lost his balance and fell on the spot.

“Well, I’d like you to tell me. C rank adventurers are supposed to be strong, right?”

Suggestion: Let’s not make the F-S ranks bold


Morley, with a red face, stood up and stormed out of the room.

Milia sighs relief.

“Thanks to Mister Roland I was able to prevent mistakes. You know it very well! It’s a good thing!”

I shook my head.

“Morley might want to thank me. It was a dangerous mistake”

“Oh, it was dangerous?? Extremely??”

“Yes Milia-san, failing a job means death.”

“Are you serious?”


“What are you really surprised by?”

Milia giggled, “Mister Roland, is funny.”

(ED/N: If this woman finds it funny then I’m scared to know what’s in her mind most of the time)

T/N: If I have any grammar mistakes I’m sorry . I did a quick Proof read on my editors work encase he missed anything it was late my bad. Oh and if your wondering about the netori scene in the manga its in the next chapter.

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